This study was granted exam help waiver of ethics overview by the Institutional Review Board of Kyung Hee University on the following grounds: the anonymity of users in the data we were adds; quiz help that the users had agreed, via an online End User License Agreement upon becoming a member of AION, exam help grant NCSoft, Inc. full permission examination help use quiz help share their data for analysis with parties of NCSofts selecting, one in all that is group of authors. Our AION data list all in game activities taken by its users for exam help total of nearly three months eighty seven days, among April 10th quiz help July 5th of 2010, composed of over 1. 5 million entries that list user exam help user interactions among exam help total of 68,309 users. Each entry lists exam help Sender S quiz help Receiver R participant pair quiz help the interaction type, of which right here six are probably the most familiar quiz help were thus regarded in our analysis:Since all interactions involve two americans, they define diverse social networks composed of directed edges from S examination help R shown in Figure 2, conferring on us exam help wonderful opportunity exam help examine the consequences of the nature of interactions on the world community architecture. A fresh noteworthy study in exam help similar vein was presented by Szell et al.